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Procedure for Advertisement Involving the Good Name of Tasly

Dear valued distributors and members,

Tasly’s brand is a brand established for 17 years and has been promoted worldwide, including many overseas 
markets such as African countries, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and etc. Tasly has been a brand that we are proud of and it is always important to know that we strive our best to protect this brand!

We are very appreciative to your effort in promoting the brand of Tasly as well as the range of products here in Malaysia. In this process, many have voiced out brilliant ideas regarding advertising Tasly in the local media. 

We acknowledged that there are rules and regulations of the Advertising Act that we need to abide here in Malaysia. We were informed by the Ministry of Health Advertising Department that there are certain wordings as well as presentation are strictly not allowed, with their concern of misleading advertisements towards the products. Secondly, as the products advertised are products range from the Company, we would like to have a strict audit and screening through before the advertisement is released, for filing and also checking with the local authorities if such advertisement is allowed.

Hence, we would like to highlight for the above matter, should there be any advertisement posted with the Company logo and our good name, please kindly inform the Management before you do so, by submitting in a copy of the advertisement intended. 

The procedure is as below:

We truly appreciate and require for the above procedure to be followed. Otherwise, should there be any post-advertising consequence(s), the Company requires you to bear full responsibility and reserves the right to take actions against this action to the parties involved.

Thank you.

Tasly Management
Tasly (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

-The Company may, at its sole discretion, modify or revise these Terms and Conditions.-