A brief about Wild Ginseng Capsule



In China, ginseng has been treasured since the dawn of written history and at times was valued even more highly than gold. People have been using ginseng for thousands of years because of its medicinal and health enhancing properties. Ginseng medicinal powers come from Ginsenoside, of which RH2 is the most important ginsenoside.

Kasly wild ginseng capsule contains ginseng element and extraction of Red Ginseng. It successfully increases the value of RH2 in the capsule and makes it more effective.

What are the effects of KASLY WILD GINSENG CAPSULE?
It is meant to improve body immunity rapidly and rebuild the damaged immune system. It is proved clinically that kasly wild ginseng capsule can increase leukocyte levels in 2-3 days after administration. It can notably control the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells while reducing the incidence of cancer. Promote the synthesis of DNA and RNA and improve the body immunity.

What is special about KASLY WILD GINSENG CAPSULE?
The value of ginsenoside RH2, the important factor in ginseng is very low. Keeping in view Tasly has increased the content of RH2 by more than 100  times through originally created technology and bringing out the breathtaking effect of RH2.

Ingredient:   Ginseng red and ginseng extract (ginsenoside RH2)
Specification: 350mg X 30capsules /bottle
Dosage:      1 to 2  capsules, 1 times daily, take with mild water or with other drinks.

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