A brief about Kasly Herbal Tea

Drinking Tea is a habit observed all over the world. If you daily enjoy drinking tea why not to drink health Tea. Kasly herbal tea is the choice of people who want to drink herbal tea for maintaining their health. .

What is Kasly Herbal Tea?
According to Chinese legend, tea was discovered accidentally by an emperor 4,000 years ago. DanShen a famous Chinese herb specially meant for preventing and treating cardiac diseases is the main ingredient of herbal tea.

Who can drink Kasly Herbal Tea?
Kasly herbal  tea is recommended commonly for adults and for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood cholesterol, and cardiac muscle oxygen shortage. Smokers and those exposed to radiations. Diabetic patients and cancer patients can benefit from it.

What are the functions of Kasly Herbal Tea?
The effective ingredients of Kasly herbal tea help in preventing many diseases. It can reduce blood viscosity and improve microcirculation. Act as an active antioxidant and help clearing free radicals. It has prominent effects in decreasing blood cholesterol and improving muscle oxygen intake. At the same time it can prevent and assist in the treatment of cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases. Prevents arthrosclerosis and inhibit thrombosis.

What makes Kasly Herbal Tea different?
Kasly herbal tea is made under Modern pharmacological techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It includes high quality Chinese tea in addition with DanShen, Radix Astragali and Radix Notoginseng. Combining these highly effective ingredients through modern techniques makes Tasly DanShen Tea as one of best health tea.

Radix  Salviae Miltiorrhizae(DanShen), Radix Panax Notoginseng and Radix Astragalus Membranaceus and folium camellia Sinensis O. Ktze.


1.5g x 20 sachets / box

Place tea bag into a cup and add warm water at 60°C-70°C scald for 2 minutes before drinking. Fruit juice, honey or milk can be added in according to individuals taste.

1 to 2 tea bags per serve, 1 to 2 times daily.

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