A brief about Kasly Aloe


The Vital Function of KASLY  Aloe

 I. Toxin-Cleansing
Kasly Aloe can help people remove all the toxin and waste that have been found on  the wall of intestine and inside the blood circulation.

1. Kasly Aloe can reduce blood sugar, blood cholesterol and the size of atherosclerosis, improve blood circulation, remove the toxin and waste contained in blood, also protect gastric mucosa membrane.
2. Dietary fiber cannot be absorbed by human body, and it can be swelled by absorbing water in intestine and colon, so that the solidity of stool become soften and can be easily expelled out. Within three days of consumption, there usually comes significant effect.

II. Immune system Improving
Kasly Aloe can improve human immune system.

1. Aloe Fiber contains polysaccharide, which promotes the activity of human immunocytes. Pharmacological research shows that the aloe polysaccharide increases the activity of T cell regeneration and NK cell as well. Besides, the relative research also shows that aloe polysaccharide has the effect on anti-cancer.
2. Wheatgrass powder is made of tender shoot wheat being freezing –dried and crushed into powder, which contains wheat protein, β- carotene, variety of vitamins and trace elements, also can help to improve immune system.

III. Weight loss Helping
Kasly Aloe helps weight loss.

1. Fiber cannot be absorbed by human body, it improves satiety after consumption, reduce the absorption and intake of high energy substance, so that decrease the total consumption of energy by body. Consequently, the intention to diet can be achieved.
2. Obesity is mainly because of dietary disorder, over consumption of high energy substance, body disturbance of acid – base equilibrium causing body acidity. Hexone, sugar of 6 carbon element, is the main component for Aloe polysaccharide, itself  is strongly alkaline – base, causes body fluid to become alkaline, rectify body acidity. On top of that, fiber can decompose and excrete daily consumption fat to achieve the diet effect.

IV. More beautiful Making

Main ingredient:
Polidextrose, Aloe Vera  Extract, wheatgrass powder.

Enhance immunity, promotes blood circulation, reduce blood sugar, reduce blood lipids (cholesterol), detoxification, improves bowel movement and prevents constipation and help weight loss.

Senile and weak persons, those who suffer from habitual constipation or insufficiency in immune system. It’s suggested for normal adults and prohibited to children.

1 sachet per serving, 1 or 2 times daily.

10g x 20 sachets/box
Contains aspartame as permitted non-nutritive sweetening substance
Unsuitable for phenylketonurics and contains permitted food conditioner.
Sensitive individuals may experience a laxative effect from the excessive consumption of food containing polydextrose.